Friday, December 16, 2011

Wired mentions the Humble Brony Bundle! Over $5000 contributed to HIB#4

Underwire, the blog for Wired magazine, has posted up a sneak preview of the next episode of Friendship is Magic, but in the process also gave a mention of the Humble Brony Bundle! A big THANK YOU to Underwire blogger Angela Watercutter and to Wired!

There was also an entire article about the Humble Brony Bundle posted on that I'd like to thank Kristen Maxwell for writing!

And to follow up that up, I'm honored to say that we've been able to raise our contribution to the Humble Indie Bundle #4 up to $5250! Your generous donations continue to come in, so I have no way to know where the ceiling is... but whatever it is, you've already proven it's much higher than anyone except bronies could have possibly expected!

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