Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle #4 launches!

The Humble Indie Bundle #4 has launched! The leak turned out to be correct and that incredible selection of games is available right now.

As you can see on their site, I've made our donation: $3500, which is $1050 each for Child's Play and the American Red Cross, as well as another $1050 for the developers of those excellent games that make this whole thing possible.

When I first shared the Humble Brony Bundle idea I just wanted to get into the top ten the first time, to build up a head of steam and be able to do really well this time around. Well, you guys blew that idea away, and we're currently the top contributor of the biggest, best Humble Indie Bundle ever. Where is there to go from here?

UPWARD! How much can we raise? How much can we, by working together, collect for sick children and people suffering from disasters? I don't know! Another $1000? A total of $7500? Could we hit $10,000 total donations across both bundles? As more donations come in they will be added to the current donation. I'm not holding anything back for the next bundle: this is the big one!

Please, donate! Spread the word! Donate to us AND to the Humble Indie Bundle! Remember: you've gotta share and you've gotta care. It's the right thing to do!


  1. Its amazing what a community can accomplish when they come together. Congratulations ponies.

  2. Wow, bravo! Thanks for supporting this truly great cause.

    May I make one comment though? Don't take it the wrong way, but I think developers deserve more than a half of that money, maybe even all of it. Charity is very important, but it shouldn't be up to us to decide to take a portion of the indie game developers salary away and give it to charity instead, it's just not very fair.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Fishos!

    I understand your personal reservations on the spread. I spent a while thinking before deciding that this was how the Humble Brony Bundle should contribute. I wanted the majority going to charity, and 60% was a nice round number.

    However I have a great deal of respect for all the people making money through their gaming projects. I'm glad to be helping to support them, even if it's not quite as much as I could be!

  4. One thing... I've seen some terrible reactions to what you did when you made the $3500 purchase. Since you did it so early before many copies were sold, the average purchase went incredibly high. In return I've seen people complain, saying "f... bronies". This is actually getting us haters.

    There were people who decided to forcefully lower the average by making a whole bunch of 1 cent purchases afterwards. They will most likely be giving away these bonus-less bundles they stockpiled.

    My big request: please wait next time before putting the huge amount into the pot.

  5. I absolutely agree with RoSe-BuSTeR. If you're one of the first 500 or 1000 purchases and assuming everyone else just paid 1$, you raise the average to 8$ or 4.50$ respectively.
    Sure, that's still a fair price, but I don't know how much most people donate or how early you donated.
    One of the first 300? Average of 12.66$.
    One of the first 200? Average of 18.50$.
    One of the first 100? Average of 36.00$.

    Keep in mind that those calculations are based on everyone else just paying 1$, so they are most likely very off, but I hope you see the problem.

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  7. Sorry guys, but:

    A) To the best of my knowledge when I made the payment the average went up from ~$5 to ~$6. Within the hour the average was back under $5. If my figures are wrong let me know.

    B) I made it so that people had to spend a tiny bit more money to get two more games, money that will go to charities and the developers? ... This is something I'm rather PROUD of, not ashamed of! This had an unintended effect of raising MORE MONEY!

    Anyone who is upset at us for doing that aren't the kind of people I feel that the Humble Brony Bundle ever would have swayed anyway. Obviously they don't have a very giving point of view on life and don't really agree with the entire point of the Humble Indie Bundle itself.

  8. Oh, also, you should probably update the Q&A and add in a proper list of all the donations to bundles so far. Right now it only says "1250 went to the Introversion bundle", but if we keep going like this, just having it all in one paragraph is going to make it look rather messy. Best to make a proper list like:

    11-25-2011: Introversion Bundle - $1250
    12-13-2011: Humble Bundle #4 - $3500

    FAKE-EDIT: Shoutout by the official Humble Bundle Twitter thing!

  9. Nixitur, I'll actually be increasing the $3500 donation as more donate to the cause. I'm about to add another $500... right now! :D

    So, any such post would be outdated shortly. Once the HIB#4 is over then I'll consider it!

  10. Oh, and yes, I'm aware of that Tweet! I'm getting to it; I just got home from a rather busy evening is all.

  11. Ah, okay, I see!

    Also, sorry if I sounded rather ignorant and niggard in that comment about the average, but I just wanted to illustrate how these sort of people see it.
    If you're wondering: I'm not one of 'em. I donated to the Humble Brony Bundle and I always go beyond the average on the Humble Bundles, even if none of the games really interest me.

    I thought the Humble Brony Bundle had a much higher impact on the average donation. If that would have been the case, I can sort of understand people who, for example, look at the Humble Bundle at work or at school and are like "Oh hey, $5, gonna buy it when I get home!" and then see that the average has climbed beyond what they can afford.

    In that case, these people probably wouldn't buy the bundle AT ALL (because who wants to buy the incomplete bundle? I know I don't), meaning one less purchase, meaning less money.
    Would that loss of purchases be compensated by people who go beyond the average, regardless of what the average is? Perhaps, but you can't be sure.
    If the average is raised too quickly (which, as I pointed out, is very much possible if you're one of the very first few donators), only very few people would buy the bundle, meaning a decrease in total donations.

    Of course, this didn't happen in this case (which I didn't know; that being the reason for my comment). Just be careful that it won't happen in the future.

    It seems like the real reason the average is climbing higher and higher rather quickly is Cave Story+. The freeware Cave Story is in my opinion flawless and Cave Story+ is basically, well... more Cave Story!
    EVERYONE wants more Cave Story!

  12. That's okay, Nixitur! I'm glad you took the time to reach out and tell me about your concerns. You are right to say that next time I can be a little more careful and make sure that I let there be a good 5000 or so people who buy the game before me, to set a precedent, so I don't raise the average more than a buck.

    And yes, EVERYONE wants more Cave Story. I'd be playing Cave Story+ right this moment if I wasn't managing this little project.

  13. There are always two sides to this, Cupcakes. There are those who gather the money there and it's obviously a good thing for them when you do that. But there are also honest players out there who really wish to play the games that they normally can't afford and this bundle gives them a chance to get them for a price they can actually pay. I hope you didn't mean me when you said about not having a very giving point of life. I'm happy to share if I'm able to and I'm not one of those people who'd pay just 1 cent for a bundle.

    You say you want to force people to spend more that way, but the idea of humble bundle is that you decide the price based on what you feel you can spare and what your situation allows you to afford and I don't believe in forcefully trying to press on that. You can of course be proud of providing more money yourself. But not sure there's much pride in squeezing more out of others who after all do it on their own will and imagine for example how they'd feel if they had to beat $100 and realised it's cheaper for them to buy the games normally on Steam, giving nothing to charity by doing that.

    Having said that though... I suppose that if your purchase only made it go from $5 to $6, it's not as much of an impact as I thought it was, but some unaware people still concluded that and made some nasty remarks about bronies. I'm not sure what caused the average jump to $10 at one point then. It doesn't really matter now I guess.

    Don't get me wrong here. I just thought waiting a while would be a better idea. I'm not saying this because "I'm cheap" or something.

  14. "I hope you didn't mean me when you said about not having a very giving point of life."

    Nope! I meant the people who said, "F... bronies" because this donation increased the average and made them pay another buck, another ONE DOLLAR, to charities and developers, to get Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles.

    And, as I mentioned, the $5->$6 increase I talked about was just what I'm aware of and I might be mistaken. If there was actually an increase to $10 then A) I never saw it, and B) it went down REALLY fast because it was less than an hour before it was back under $5. At the moment the average is currently $5.25 and I think that's more than fair for ANYONE for those incredible games.

  15. Can't argue with that. The bundle is awesome and the price is fair and well worth a donation above the average. ^_^


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