Thursday, December 29, 2011

Please Support the Smile! Charity Album

Now that we're between Bundles I can take the time to highlight other charitable and gaming related stuff, in and out of the ponyverse. I am extremely happy to start with the Smile! Charity Album, working to raise money to help the Children's Cancer Association. I asked them for a copy-paste to share with you all, so please read and spread your generosity to them!

Here is what they have to share:
Smile! a Charity Album fundraiser a collaborative project involving the Website, a brony solidarity group otherwise known as Bronies for Good, and a various assortment of MLP:FiM artists, writers, and creative minds. The objective of this collaboration is to raise money for the Children's Cancer Association via the sale of the album to donors. 

(the CCA is an award-winning, reputable charity that lends support to the children of families who suffer from the devastating and degenerative disease of cancer.)

To this effect, the collaboration has crafted a high-quality, diverse album that features 23 different musical tracks of various genres from a number of highly skilled, passionate artists in the brony community, totaling to over 70 minutes of music for the listening. 

In addition to this album, wonderfully creative minds in the community have offered to provide additional prizes to those Bronies who show an display an extra dose of generosity when donating to the CCA. For a full list of additional prizes, album details, and how to donate, hit up the Bronies For Good website here:

So far, the month-long fundraiser has been able to generate over $11,000 for the CCA, which goes to show the wondrous capability of the community, and hopefully, it continues to amplify as the month goes on!

Brohooves to you all, and let's keep working to make Smile! a shining example of the love and altruism that this community breeds on a daily basis!

Cheers Everypony!
-For any questions regarding the event, feel free to email or contact the organizers at for specific questions.


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