Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle #4: Night of the First Day

Yes, Fluttershy, it HAS been a great day!
  • We're up to $4000 $4250 $4500 donated to the Humble Indie Bundle #4!
  • The official @Humble Twitter account has given us another shout-out. Thanks guys; we love you, too!
  • Sethisto was kind enough to mention us on Equestria Daily again. Thank you, Seth!
  • There are folks coming in from Twitter, EqD, Reddit, Neogaf, the Penny Arcade forums, Facebook, and more. Hi guys!
It's been a whirlwind day overall and I'm filled with endless gratitude and pride. Thank you guys, so, sooo much. I am torn between celebrating with some gaming or getting proper sleep... Just kidding. Gaming it is!


  1. Donated again, as promised. This time around I gave 75 bucks. Great to see that bronies are this willing to help out charities and all.

    Also, just because of Cave Story+, I had to buy the bundle for myself, too. :p

  2. Thanks bunches, Poniator!! Now we're over halfway to the next $250 mark, $4500. Nice. And yes, Cave Story... I'm waiting until I can play through the whole game in one sitting before I even install it. Booster v2.0, here I come...

  3. Woah, you're pulling no stops to this one! No mercy to the competition. Absolute disregard to the children's room capacity for contain all their toys.

    Ok, that joke was kinda worded awkward. How does Hussie pull it off all the time?!


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