Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HIB#4 breaks $1M; Almost $5000 contributed

The Humble Indie Bundle #4 broke $1,000,000 in under 24 hours, by far a new record! So far the Humble Bundles have raised over $3 Million for charities, let alone money for the developers of the indie games!

Meanwhile, our contribution continues to grow, currently sitting at $4750. Currently we need almost another $150 to be able to increase our donation to $5000, a beautifully round and properly climactic number. But without your help we can't get there, so we need another push from everypony to get the word out and to gather new donations! Every bit helps, so please do what you can. Thank you!!


  1. You know what I just noticed...

    We are trusting you with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, with no guarantee whatsoever that you won't just bail with all the money.
    Not only that, but you actually really DO donate it all to the Humble Indie Bundle instead of just taking some money for yourself.

    This is the freaking internet, this shouldn't be possible.
    You, sir, deserve the golden Applejack for being ridiculously honest.

  2. So why not have people buy the Humble Bundles directly ? Instead of just feeling warm inside, you actually get the games as well.

  3. Nixitur: Little do you know, there's actually been $140,000 donations and I've since moved to Jamaica to escape and live the sweet life of Coconut Rum and secret portals to Equestria hidden in the mountains.

    RvdE: I'm encouraging people to do both! The money goes to great causes, after all. I hope that the overwhelming majority of people who contribute here have also bought the games above the average on

  4. @RvdE
    This is completely acceptable, as your contributions will go into good causes in either scenario. Humble Brony Bundle is there to easily show us presenting the fandom in general under one name, which makes it more noticeable than a number of smaller purchases. You could say it's there also to show the selflessness of bronies that are willing to help out without much anything in return.

    I myself donated and bought the games, with the total sum being 85USD from me. I do not regret anything.

  5. Also, of course the smaller sum of 30USD I spent on the earlier Introversion Bundle.


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