Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ponies at Play Art Contest Entries

Here are the entrants for the Ponies at Play Art Contest! The theme was "ponies playing video games," but some people took liberties with it... Personally, I'm glad they did!

Voting on the top ten, who each receive a Humble Indie Bundle gift code, will start on Equestria Daily soon!

source - 1

source - 2

source - 3


source - 4

source - 5

source - 6

source - 7

source - 8

source - 9

source - 10

source - 11

source - 12

source - 13

source - 14

source - 15

source - 16

source - 17

source - 18

source - 19

source - 20

source - 21

source - 22

source - 23

source - 24

source - 25

source and source - 26

source - 27

source - 28

source - 29

source - 30

source - 31

source - 32

source - 33

source - 34

source - 35

source - 36

source - 37

source - 38


  1. Where is my artwork? if i look at the partisepents it counts as ponies at play. :(

  2. Upload the artwork in question and link to it, mcwopper, and I might have the info to answer your question! As far as I know I uploaded every picture sent to me intending to enter the contest.

  3. BTW! i'm the one who did #37, i can't upload it to deviantart yet, my pc keeps crashing when i open explorer.exe T-T
    my account:

  4. well i have resend the mail but just in case here is the link to the image on my deviant art page

    i hope that i can still partisepate

    well it is now 3.45 here in the netherlands so i will see wat happens tomorrow.

  5. All right, I've fixed both. Thanks for entering, guys!!

  6. Thanks alot for the effort. and i wich the best luck with the humble indie bundle if i had a credit cart i would donate 50$ but sadly i can only spread the word.

  7. That's okay, mcwopper, I'm just glad you've taken the time to enter and help share the news about the HBB!

    This page (hopefully WITH your art, mcwopper) should be going up on EqD with a voting poll later today. Stay tuned...

  8. #38 is going to win... Because of Skyrim reference. Really people?

  9. @Unknown

    I agree with you on that one, sort of.

    As it is incredible well made and illustrates the well known game Skyrim, it (at least in my eyes) is'nt actually illustrating the theme, "ponies playing video games."

    On the other hoof, it kind of does, since Fluttershy is in the game.

    No matter what you chose, its your decision, and no matter what others choose, it is their decision.

  10. #17!!! I hope its going to win, cause VVVVVV reference.

  11. #35 has quite the amount of votes... Is there something I'm missing?

  12. Skyrim is taking all the votes! You people REALLY like Skyrim.


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