Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Great Weekend for Humble Bundles!

This weekend your generous donations allowed us to reach $6000 contributed to the Humble Indie Bundle #4! This also puts us dangerously close to $7500 raised since the beginning of the Humble Brony Bundle... which, if you guys didn't realize, was less than a month ago! This has all happened across only 25 days, which is around $300 donated per day!! It's pretty amazing, guys. You're pretty amazing...

At the same time, Humble Indie Bundle #4 has surpassed the $1.5 Million mark, making it fairly certain that this will be the biggest Bundle so far! The recently added soundtracks to all of the games for contributors to download, so be sure to grab those and listen at your leisure. I love Cave Story's soundtrack so much. <3

There are still almost 9 days left in the current Bundle. Dare we try to reach $10,000 total contributions before it ends? I have this sneaking suspicion that it's possible...


  1. Congratulations on making it so far, guys :D
    I will see if I can do my part when I receive my salary this month.

  2. Donated another $50 (plus the $10 I already donated) Bringing my total up to 60 bucks (hehe... bucks... pony-puns.)

  3. Thanks Marco and Unknown! Your help is truly appreciated!


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