Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle #4: the Biggest Bundle Ever!

The gates have closed on Humble Indie Bundle #4, and thanks to all your generosity and Notch's friendly competition the two highest contributions in the history of the Humble Bundle have been placed on the biggest Bundle ever! A total of $2,372,044.68 was raised in the name of charity and independent game developers; THIS is why the Humble Brony Bundle exists!

I wanted to share a few relevant statistics about you, the Humble Brony Bundle donators:

  • There have been over 1,000 distinct donators so far. This isn't just a handful of rich bronies making a ruckus; over ONE THOUSAND of you have taken part. Considering the "average brony" is an 18-22 year old starving student that says a lot to me.

  • Many of you missed it, but our initial payment on the Humble Indie Bundle #4 raised the average donation size by over a dollar immediately! It settled down a bit afterwards, but our large pooled contribution still helped to keep the average higher than it would have been, increasing the overall revenue of the Humble Indie Bundle #4.

  • $17,375 raised over the course of 35 days is an average of $500 per day!

  • The HBB + Notch together makes up over 1% of the total donations on Humble Indie Bundle #4. 1% might not seem like much... but it's 1% of almost 2.4 million dollars. With a figure that large, and 435,000 Bundles sold, a whole percent point is a lot!

This Bundle may have ended, but the Humble Brony Bundle will continue on! It has to; there's already over $150 waiting for the next Humble Indie Bundle!

See, that's the thing: even after we had already "won" against Notch's generosity your contributions continued to come in, and now that this Bundle has closed you are continuing to donate without even knowing when the next Bundle will be announced. You guys continue to amaze me. :D


  1. i just want to say thanks to everypony who donated, but an especially big thanks to Cupcakes for putting this thing together, if it wasn't for you none of this could have happened

  2. Daaaaamn, son. I got the sense that notch's contribution was a bit of a rock against the beehive of kindness and generosity, but I don't think I ever expected this kind of result. Remember when you said that $10,000 was feasibly possible? Yeah, about that... :P

  3. There was a time when I was absolutely PROUD of this project when it donated $1250 in the last bundle.

    You should've seen my face when this got a total of... Hahaha wow, just wow. And I least expected it to reach nearly TWICE as much as Notch's amount.

    And the average Linux user paid $10. I approximate we have an average of $16. That's amazing. We didn't even have any incentive like getting $100 worth of games.

    I guess now we really owe something to the donators.

  4. Ya said you can't say who are the top contributors because you didn't ask if they want to be named or not. Roper said he donated $500 in the comments in a previous post. Can you say what place he is in the Brony Bundle?

  5. *gives 3/4 of this month's disposable income to charity*


  6. I'm kinda wondering, where did the $5.27 come from? Especially the .27.

  7. So sorry that I waited too long, but at least we'll have a sum to kick-start the next bundle! Keep going bronies ^_^

  8. gclaw: blushingtwilight.jpg

    Derock: Wow, you're right, our average for donators was like $17 per pony. That's pretty amazing! And I'm still considering if I should or shouldn't share the top ten donation amounts or not. Hmmm...

    SpecLad: Donations! The only reason I waited until the last 30 seconds to send the last payment to the Bundle was because we were SO close to hitting $16K. I was confident I could finish the form in time and waited... and it paid off when the very last donation before the buzzer was just enough. :D

    Eric, BusinACE: Thank you!!

  9. Cups, you are totally awesome for putting this together. I am freaking _proud_ to have been a part of this. Next time someone at work rips on MLP or 'those internet people' I'll point this out. I'm looking forward to it actually.

    Cloudy sends his own "you're awesome" too.

  10. Shame I've only heard of you Humble Bronies till' now! I've got a few Bronies from MLP Forums that would've loved to put their hooves in for this project! Guess we'll try to catch the next Bundle!

    Guess we'll donate twice as hard to make up for lost time! hehe

  11. @Cupcakes Nom

    I would actually *strongly* advise against sharing the top ten donation amounts, personally. There's an anecdote in the Bible that I think is quite appropriate here (not wanting to get religious; I just can't think of a better example :P) - Jesus sees rich men donating a lot of money to a church, and then he sees a very poor woman put in a tiny amount. He then turns to his disciples and says that that woman has given much more than the rest, because they give only a small portion of their vast wealth, while she had given all that she had, and that she is more blessed than they as a result, even though they gave much more in absolute quantity.

    In the same way, I think it would be very discouraging to someone who only gave, say, $10 or $20 to see people giving $500 or $1000. Every brony is a man or woman of different means, and I think we should be celebrating everyone equally, not singling out those who probably had more to give in the first place.


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