Saturday, April 28, 2012

24 Hour Charity Livestream with Special Guests!

The Elements of Charity: Art for Africa 24 hour livestream (click to join!) is going right now, raising money to fight hunger in Africa! There are a lot of guests lined up, ranging from mediocre (the founder of the Humble Brony Bundle? Yawn.) to incredible (Egophiliac and John Joseco!).

Here's a copy-paste:

Hello friends! We are going to be doing a 24 hour charity video game mare-a-thon of Mount & Blade!
The target of all this goodwill will be the wonderful ‘Inked! Art for Africa’ charity effort organised by Maddy Peters, the incomparable voice of Scootaloo. The fun will begin at our stream this Saturday evening at 6 PM EST (3 PM Pacific, midnight CET), and it will continue through Sunday evening at 6 PM EST (3 PM Pacific, midnight CET). On Sunday at noon, the stream will be cross-promoting Bronies for Good’s wonderful ‘Seeds of Kindness’ effort.
This is a cooperative effort, including some of the biggest names in the brony community. In addition to the TPM and Ponies Live, we’ve got interviewers from Everfree Radio and The Brony Show. They will be providing interview services to all the various guests who will be calling into the livestream during this 24-hour period.
There will also be prizes given out! For each ten dollars donated, you will be put into a raffle to win a full paid trip to either Bronycon or EverfreeNW!
We are going to help them reach their $10,000 goal! There is about $4800 to go bronies! See after the break for full details!
The link to the charity is right here! To Donate, Please use the chip-in widget below the stream!
Guest List:
6PM-7PM: Soapie Solar (Ask Pinkie Pie Solutions tumblr)
7PM-8PM: TrotCon (PinFilly/DarklyCute, Starshine)
8PM-9PM: Cupcakes Nom (creator of the Humble Brony Bundle project, co-head of the Albany meetups, charity org for BronyCon)
9PM-10PM: Fetchbeer (artist of adorableness)
10PM-11PM: Pen Stroke (author of Past Sins)
11PM-Midnight: Calpain (EqD staffer extraordinaire)
Midnight-1AM: Xiagu (head of DC meetups, admin of, BronyCon staffer)
1AM-2AM: Egophiliac (creator of the one and only ALFALFA MONSTER!)
2AM-3AM: John Joseco (the one and only)
3AM-4AM: Purple Tinker (charity promoter, retired founder of BronyCon, Bronies-NYC,
4AM-5AM: Circuit Mane (host of The Brony Show)
5AM-6AM: MrPoniator (amazing animator)
6AM-7AM: Tsyolin (Musical pony, f/k/a ApplejackTheEngineer)
7AM-8AM: LaserPon3 (incredible pony laserist)
8AM-9AM: Foal Papers (Twitterbrony and brony scholar extraordinaire)
9AM-10AM: KefkaFloyd (Ponygoons admin, editor of The Round Stable)
10AM-11AM: PixelKitties (pony, comic, and background artist extraordinaire)
11AM-Noon: Garrett Gilchrist (artist extraordinaire, plus the best Orson Welles voice outside of Orson Welles)
2PM-3PM: MrDragon (admin of
3PM-4PM: Puzzle Plate (admin of the Phoenix meetup group)
4PM-5PM: GalaCon staff (bringing Equestria to Europe!)
5PM-6PM: Robbob (the pony behind the Epic [X] Time series)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Quick Indie Gaming and Charity Links

Two more tidbits of charity and indie gaming for you all to consider:

The Groupees "Be Mine 2" Bundle ends in just four hours. You can buy the indie games listed across the top for just $4, and every $2 you spend converts into a meal delivered by Feed Them With Music.

Another Kickstarter going on right now is for Spriter, an animation and effects tool that will help indie gamers create better 2D graphics for us all to enjoy. Also of interest: one of the two guys making the tool is a brony. Just something to look into if you're interested in this kind of thing!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Humble Botanicula Bundle Launches!

Botanicula is the tale of a vampiric arboretum who... oh, wait.

The Humble Botanicula Bundle has launched! You can pick up some really interesting adventure and platforming titles from Amanita Designs this time around, including the absolutely brand new Botanicula! Looking for imaginative, lovingly crafted games? You're in the right place!

And this time if you pay above the average you get not just the games but also a gloriously bizarre looking movie, Kooky! The founder of Amanita Designs worked on the art direction, hence the unique visual style. It's the tale of a teddy bear who has to stand on his two stuffed legs and... oh, just go watch the trailer.

This time around the Bundle is supporting the World Land Trust, an international organization dedicated to preserving habitats such as rainforests. This is a new charity to the Humble Bundle line-up, and seems to be a good fit! Let's all work together to support the effort!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why Should You Support the Traveling Pony Museum?

Click Here to help the Traveling Pony Museum!

And why should you support the Traveling Pony Museum?

A) You know all that incredible art, those amazing customs, and the adorable plushies that you see pictures of online? Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are actual physical versions of them! It's nice to scroll through galleries and see art or photos... but what if you could actually see the original piece framed on a wall? Or get an up close and personal look at customs or plushies that normally only one person would ever get to own and enjoy?

Well, the Traveling Pony Museum is making it to BronyCon on the East Coast, but needs our help to get out to Everfree Northwest in Seattle, so more people can see the art our fandom has created firsthand!

2) The Traveling Pony Museum isn't JUST going to Everfree Northwest... it's going to take a detour to Seattle Children's Hospital! So if you donate money to the cause you're not only supporting art, you're sending adorable pony art out to visit children too sick to leave the hospital, or even leave their beds.

Pie) The Traveling Pony Museum is a big supporter of charity! The favorite seems to be Inked! Art for Africa, which is a project organized by none other than Scootaloo voice actress Maddy Peters!

So, please, I hope you'll consider supporting this good cause! To do so please follow the big link at the top of this post!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lauren Faust Charity Auctions + Operation Sharing Kindness

Last year Lauren Faust ran a charity auction, putting up development sketches from MLP:FIM on ebay with the proceeds to benefit survivors of the disaster in Japan. Well, she's running another charity auction starting on Friday to benefit a storyboard artist and his family dealing with serious illness in their children. You can find more information about this here.

Operation Sharing Kindness is a long-time brony movement that has been raising money for the organizations Toys for Tots (toys for needy children) and Doctors Without Borders (international humanitarian aid). I definitely hope you'll give them a look and a donation: you can read up on Operation Sharing Kindness here.