Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HBB Named the Largest Contributor Ever!

The Humble Indie Bundle's official Twitter account, @humble, announced earlier today that our $6500 contribution now makes us the largest contributor in the history of Humble Bundles!!

... I'm kind of speechless, really. By now I think you all know how I feel about you and your generosity, so I'll resist the urge to drone on and on about it. I will repeat one thing though: I love you guys!

In other news, earlier today the Humble Bundle added five of the games from Humble Indie Bundle #3 to Bundle #4, free for anyone who purchased before today or anyone who buys Bundle #4 above the average. Now would be a GREAT time to buy some above-the-average gift keys for the gamers in your life. Between all 12 of those games AND all those soundtracks there's literally something for everypony!

And on a personal gamer note, I picked up Sequence yesterday and played it for hours straight. It's a Rhythm RPG; here's some gameplay on Hard mode (which I'm nowhere near attempting yet). I hope it ends up in a Humble Bundle someday, because it deserves loads of attention!


  1. This actually redeemed bronies for me. Yeah, for awhile I was questioning myself if the fandom is even close to how great everyone say it is. If we're all just saying that because we're part of the fandom. Are we just being delusional or something?

    Well... here it is.

  2. XD I've been playing Sequence too. Awesome and addicting game, I just wish they had a few more songs.


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