Saturday, June 23, 2012

Herd Funding a TF2 Twilight Sniper

Interesting concept going on: Kassgrein, responsible for some of the best Team Fortress 2 pony re-skins around, is using a Kickstarter-like website to get group funding to create a Twilight Sniper complete with facial expressions and ponified HUD. You can see it here or click the picture above.

Did I say group funding? No, I dub this Herd Funding! And I think it's pretty neat. He's a productive, creative member of the community with a professional background in video game modeling that releases his work free for everyone. Now he's just trying to get a commission for his continued hard work and useful skills, like many artists in the community who accept commissions. This is just a little different because what he's making isn't for one individual commissioner. I wonder if we'll see more herd funding in the future?

Keep in mind that he's going to release the result free to the public once it's done, though 10 lucky supporters will get the model 15 days early. So, yes, you can just get this free when it's done, but never forget that supporting the things you love is the only way to help them grow and keep them going.

Note: this is already 48% funded, and when you pledge money you'll only actually pay if the project is 100% funded. Also, you CAN donate any amount you want just by clicking on one of the support options and changing the dollar amount. Even just a few bucks would help to make this a success!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Humbie Indie Bundle V Ends

Humble Indie Bundle V has come to a close, and with a bang: not only did they break the $4 million dollar barrier, in the last hours they reached over $5 million! Thanks to all the generous people out there, and to the developers of these amazing games, for making it possible!

And, of course, a big thank you to all of you generous bronies to contributed to the HBB, whether it was money or spreading the word! It's been a rather exciting Bundle, between the endless friendly competition with Notch and the nods from Wil Wheaton, Rock Paper Shotgun, and John Graham of Wolfire games and the Humble Indie Bundle itself. Oh, and a thread on Reddit that sent over 20,000 people to visit the blog, to check to see if I'm Gabe Newell of Valve. Ha! Spoiler: no, I'm not.

But, much more importantly, during the course of Humble Indie Bundle V the HBB surpassed $35k in total lifetime contributions, which is over $20,000 to charity and around $10,000 to indie game developers! I never imagined I'd be part of something like this, and I'm eternally grateful to all of you for making it possible. All of my thanks!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

It seems like my last post may have been TOO over-dramatic... The Humble Brony Bundle isn't giving up, and neither should you!

Spread the word far and wide that we're still going, still taking donations, and will still contribute to Humble Indie Bundle V until the very last minute! We can do it, guys!

Notch Wins!

Well, the sad day has finally arrived. Notch has out-generoused us. The Humble Brony Bundle is down to $2 in the gas tank and... well...

 At least he's not making me watch Care Bears. I don't know if I could stand being a Belly Bro.