Monday, March 19, 2012

A Wild Humble Indie Bundle Has Appeared!

Pinkie Pi is best number
 The next Humble Indie Bundle has reared its lovable head, and this time it's The Humble Bundle for Android 2!

Don't get confused: all of these games are playable on Windows, Mac, Linux, AND Android!

The two charities this time around are the ever-popular duo of Child's Play (provides toys and video games to sick children in hospitals) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (advocates for free and equal rights on the Internet).

You can add to the Humble Brony Bundle contribution fund by clicking on the Donate link on the right side of this page; any excess donations will be saved up for the next major numbered Humble Indie Bundle (the ones that tend to go into the thousands of dollars), which will probably be coming up pretty soon!


  1. It's only my opinion, but I think that you should at least put 1k on this one. Granted, it's not a big one, but we should have a lot of money saved by now and less than 1k sounds cheap for something like this :P.

    Although waiting for someone else to do that move first it's ok, I think... :P

    1. Yes, I've been waiting for someone else to step up to bat and shoot down our contribution. I agree that each and every Humble Bundle deserves at least $1,000, but at least the unspent money will go to the NEXT Bundle anyway.

    2. It seems pretty likely that a certain Swedish game developer with a name that sounds like a small indentation will try to beat us. So I doubt this is the last payment we'll be making on this one. :D

      Actually, speaking of the chap in question, Humble Brony Bundle paid over the odds a while ago to force him to watch colourful equines. Anyone ever hear how that went?

    3. Last I heard he watched it, thought it was pretty decent, but didn't think it was really his cup of tea. I can respect that, and hopefully everypony else does as well.

  2. $314.15. Pinkie Pi is best number. I see what you did there.


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