Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Charity Bundle: The Indie Gala!

Obviously we're all very familiar with the Humble Indie Bundle, but not everyone has heard of The Indie Gala yet. Here, let me help with that...

The Indie Gala has a batch of indie games up for grabs at whatever price you want to pay, and you can choose what percentage goes to the Gala, to the developers, and to charity. Which charities?

  • Child's Play, which as you probably know by now provides games and toys to sick children in hospitals.
  • Save the Children, providing humanitarian aid to children and their families in impoverished, vulnerable communities worldwide.
Right now for just $5 you can get 5 games and all bonus materials that are added as The Indie Gala meets their goals. Plus, it has the word Gala in the name! That has to be worth something, right? Right?! Right.

Go do the right thing, guys, and give freely!

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