Monday, March 12, 2012

Elements of Charity a Huge Success!

The Elements of Charity gaming & charity mareathon was a big, big success, even more than the guys over at Ponies Live Now realized!

Between the Chip-In drive they used and direct donations to the Humble Brony Bundle since the weekend I'm attributing a total of $3043 to the Elements of Charity mareathon, with enormous thanks to Edock, Traxus, and all of those at Ponies Live Now that made this possible; thank you, guys!! So much money raised for charity and indie developers in just 24 hours!

And what's even better is that this isn't the last Elements of Charity mareathon. They're going to put on more of these in the future, with lots of wonderful charitable organizations to support! I'll be sure to report about each and every one I hear about.

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