Saturday, March 10, 2012

Elements of Charity Mareathon!

EDIT: Stream is now over!

You can still donate directly to the drive for one more day here:

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We're less than a day away from the Ponies Live Now! 24-hour gaming mareathon "Elements of Charity," starting at 12PM PST tomorrow. They'll be playing NES/SNES games and giving away lots and LOTS of prizes, all while collecting donations to benefit the Humble Brony Bundle; an incredibly big THANK YOU goes out to Ponies Live Now! and their marethon hosts Edock and TraxusV for making this happen!

So, besides gaming AND charity, why else should you show up? Special guests, of course! I've been invited to swing by, but they have SPECIAL guests lined up: musician RainbowCrash88 of Fighting is Magic and 8-Bit ponies fame, talented comedic flash animator MrPoniator, renowned comic artist Veggie55, and fandom Derpy voice artist BaldDumboRat will all be making appearances, plus more!

You can click here to see what they'll be playing and a partial list of what they'll be giving away.

And how do you get to the mareathon? Right here!!

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