Friday, November 25, 2011

So, what now? TLDR: Keep donating! Keep spreading the news!

Now that we're Number One on the Top Contributors on the Humble Indie Bundle site... what now?

You might be wondering if we should stop raising funds now. The answer is an emphatic eeNOPE! And why not?

  • When someone like Notch (developer of Minecraft) shows up and drops a $4096 donation it's going to mean that we need another $1500 than we currently have available to stay on top.

  • This was just our first go at the Humble Indie Bundle. In all honesty, I was expecting to get in the top five if we were lucky, and we could build up some publicity and make a real stab at the top next time. You guys blew that idea away in less than a day. I love you guys... So, what this means is we'll make ~$250 incremental donations to stay at the top as necessary, but all left over funds are going to be used in the next Humble Indie Bundle. And supposedly the next one is the next BIG one, the  "Humble Indie Bundle #4," which will have a lot more developers and even more buzz hanging around it than this one did.

  • And, of course, don't forget where all this money is going, to the good causes that the Humble Indie Bundle supports. That's what's most important, and that's where your donations go, so now isn't the time to stop!

So keep it up, everypony! Remember, we're still not even a full day into the real meat of the campaign... Let's see what we can really do at full steam ahead!


  1. I dropped 20USD, and I will definitely drop in more whenever the Humble Indie Bundle #4 comes out. 2.5k bucks in one day is quite an accomplishment, and if the insanely expensive eBay auctions of custom-made plushes are any indication, it doesn't quite stop there.

    Why not make a small spot on the right side of the blog to show the currently stash of money that's ready for use?


  2. Thank you, MrPoniator! Your support now AND again at the next one is... well, it's just great. :D

    And yes, I was thinking about having a total contributions area near the Donate button, but was still deciding on precisely how to implement it.


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