Friday, November 25, 2011

Humble Brony Bundle on Facebook; Totals now visible

There is now a Humble Brony Bundle Facebook page for all you happy Facebookers to go and Like vigorously! There's also a little Like button here on the site below the Donate button.

And beneath THAT you can now see a running total of donations and when that number was last updated. Keep in mind that this is manually updated, so you can't watch it trickle up as people donate; sorry!

Also, please note that this is the TOTAL contributed, not current remaining funds in the account. $1250 of the visible number has already been paid to the Humble Indie Bundle to keep us at our current number one spot. The "Current Total" area is just so you can see how much we could donate all at once if we had to, in order to stay the top contributor on the list. Remember, all leftover funds will be retained for the next Bundle!


  1. Please note that this is not a competition for who can donate the most.

    I am extremely flattered that so many have donated (Myself included) but do not forget, that the goal is to raise money to charity. Not to "win" first place as a contributor (Or though I know that the Brony Community could use the nice reputation we get from this, of course).

    Never the less, love you all for donating to a good cause! Keep it up everypony!!

  2. @MassEffective

    It's no contest to see who can raise the most, but it's not precisely a bad thing that people are getting a tad competitive over it. Competition incentivizes donation, and seeking to best the other competition just increases the sum of money going to charity.

  3. I agree that getting a bit competetive over it is not a bad thing and we as a fandom can always use the good rep. If part of it is donated today or in the next charity should not make a difference.


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