Thursday, November 24, 2011

Answering some important questions!

EDIT 3: Updated the first question; there IS no deadline now!

EDIT 2: We just broke $700! Yes, that's right, over $700 raised for incredibly worthy causes! I'm beyond thrilled, you guys... I'm so grateful to be part of such an incredible fandom!

EDIT: We've almost hit $500 in just 90 minutes of being announced on EqD thanks to all of you!! Thank you so much!

I'd like to answer two very important questions!

Q: What is the deadline?

A: EDIT: Due to the fact that we can update the current donation on the Humble Indie Bundle site there IS no deadline! The current bundle ends on December 6, but all left over funds will be used on the NEXT Humble Indie Bundle so at the very least the "deadline" is the end of the next Humble Indie Bundle IF that ends up being our last.

Q: What's the current total / How much more to go / What are the chances this is going to work?

A: Considering we just broke $200 it's not a matter of IF this is going to work, but a question of how much we together can raise for charity, DRM-free indie gaming, and the Humble Indie Bundle itself! If enough of us can work together we can actually burst through into the top five, or top three... What the hay, let's shoot for number one!


  1. Hiya, Johannes here, one of the humble bundle chat support volunteers.

    This is a great idea, thanks so much for putting this together!

    I just wanted to remind you that you can always increase your initial donation and our list will update automatically when you do.

    I would like to suggest that instead of waiting, you donate what you have now, so you get the exposure and then add to it as the bundle progresses.

    On the download page you can just click 'Like what we're doing? Increase your order amount!' to add to your donation. however make sure that you don't buy the bundle as a gift, since then that option won't be visible.



  2. Johannes,

    That's a bit of functionality that had completely escaped my attention! Thank you so much! I'm going to look closer into that right now...

  3. Good work you have here! Just a general suggestion - maybe you should make a Twitter account for this cause and have the HB page link to the Twitter (because they auto-link to Twitter accounts) so it's easier for people to find out who we are.

  4. yet2bedefined: That's actually not a bad suggestion whatsoever! I'm going to look into the logistics of this and see what's what...


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