Friday, November 25, 2011

Humble Brony Bundle on Twitter + contributions exceed $3000!

At the very sound recommendations of some intelligent individuals the Humble Brony Bundle now has a Twitter account, and that account has been used as the name for our contribution on the Humble Indie Bundle site. This should make it easier for people to find out what we're all about.

And, my first Twitter announcement was to mention the wonderful news that we're now over $3000 in donations! As of this moment we're just over $3059 in donations!

Just a quick, awesome note: if you Google Humble Brony Bundle you can already see all the many places that people have taken the time to mention us, and I can see in the site traffic that it makes a difference. Yes, Equestria Daily is the single biggest referral point, but everyone else adds up to LOTS of traffic, so thank you! Keep it up!

Lastly, I've been in some communication with a friendly face at the Humble Bundle and they've given us a boon in honor of all the efforts you've put forth. I'll have more news on that as it develops...


  1. Woohoo, my suggestion! Again, great work here: it's really amazing what a fandom can do.

  2. play?

    Seriously Cups, congratz on getting this PR thing going. Expect some $$$ from me once JQL pays me for those ponies.

  3. Thanks, Kits! And of course thank you again for the banner art! I was thinking while driving yesterday: how I can give you some well deserved props? Perhaps linking to your DA on the Questions and Answer page...

    I suggest this "bit more realistic" google search instead, which searches for "humble brony bundle" as a whole, getting (AToW) 1550 hits.

  5. >linking my DA

    i don't know D:

  6. What is the point with this? Why shouldn't I donate directly to Humble Indie Bundle instead of through you? And how can I event trust you?

  7. @MaTachi
    Sure, there's nothing wrong with donating directly to the charities. All Humble Brony Bundle is a PR stunt to make bronies stand out in better light, since in the media they can get kinda bad reports.

    As for trusting HBB, well, I guess looking in to the top contributors on right now should get rid of any suspicions.

  8. I'd say that the Humble Brony Bundle is far more than just a "PR stunt" for a number of reasons, among which is that we've raised thousands of dollars for good causes... but I suppose I'm biased.

    And MaTachi, I'm one of the core staff members of BroNYCon, one of the two organizers of the Albany Bronies, and a long-time Equestria Daily pre-reader. I personally picked up Sethisto from the airport for BroNYCon September. If between that and seeing the $1250 on the Humble Indie Bundle site isn't enough for you then I suppose there's nothing I can do to convince you until you see me immediately drop $2500 on the next Humble Indie Bundle in our name. Hopefully then you'll feel comfortable supporting the cause!

  9. I have no idea who the bronies are, why I would want support them or why they need any PR.

    And you donating a big sack of cash on the Humble Indie Bundle doesn't prove much. How can we confirm that you don't put a slice of the money in your own pocket?

  10. Bronies are any fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that are outside of the intended "young girl" target demographic. Thank you for pointing out that perhaps some people aren't quite aware of the Brony phenomenon; I'll create a page about it on the blog!

    As for trusting me... that's just what people do. It's true that sometimes people get taken advantage of, but if we don't give others the benefit of the doubt then... I don't know, but I wouldn't want to live in that world.


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