Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why Should You Support the Traveling Pony Museum?

Click Here to help the Traveling Pony Museum!

And why should you support the Traveling Pony Museum?

A) You know all that incredible art, those amazing customs, and the adorable plushies that you see pictures of online? Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are actual physical versions of them! It's nice to scroll through galleries and see art or photos... but what if you could actually see the original piece framed on a wall? Or get an up close and personal look at customs or plushies that normally only one person would ever get to own and enjoy?

Well, the Traveling Pony Museum is making it to BronyCon on the East Coast, but needs our help to get out to Everfree Northwest in Seattle, so more people can see the art our fandom has created firsthand!

2) The Traveling Pony Museum isn't JUST going to Everfree Northwest... it's going to take a detour to Seattle Children's Hospital! So if you donate money to the cause you're not only supporting art, you're sending adorable pony art out to visit children too sick to leave the hospital, or even leave their beds.

Pie) The Traveling Pony Museum is a big supporter of charity! The favorite seems to be Inked! Art for Africa, which is a project organized by none other than Scootaloo voice actress Maddy Peters!

So, please, I hope you'll consider supporting this good cause! To do so please follow the big link at the top of this post!

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