Friday, April 20, 2012

Humble Botanicula Bundle Launches!

Botanicula is the tale of a vampiric arboretum who... oh, wait.

The Humble Botanicula Bundle has launched! You can pick up some really interesting adventure and platforming titles from Amanita Designs this time around, including the absolutely brand new Botanicula! Looking for imaginative, lovingly crafted games? You're in the right place!

And this time if you pay above the average you get not just the games but also a gloriously bizarre looking movie, Kooky! The founder of Amanita Designs worked on the art direction, hence the unique visual style. It's the tale of a teddy bear who has to stand on his two stuffed legs and... oh, just go watch the trailer.

This time around the Bundle is supporting the World Land Trust, an international organization dedicated to preserving habitats such as rainforests. This is a new charity to the Humble Bundle line-up, and seems to be a good fit! Let's all work together to support the effort!


  1. Hello again, MCWopper here. I finaly managed to get my self a paypal acount.:) I´ll be donating 50$ to catch up from all the bundles that I missed. And because I couldn´t accept taking a prize when i didn´t even donate. You are doing great things, and all I can say is keep on doing what you are doing. Brohoof/)

    1. Hey, thank you very, very much! (\

      And please consider helping out Bronies for Good on their new campaign, too!


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