Monday, February 13, 2012

Spotlight: Equestria Gaming

The Humble Brony Bundle supports both charity AND gaming, and one of the best places in bronydom to get news on games made for and by bronies is Equestria Gaming!

These are the guys who will go out on a limb and test out every pony-related game released, risking viruses, shock videos, and terrible gameplay to provide useful reviews. They keep their eyes peeled, offering progress reports on up and coming titles like Fighting is Magic and PonyKart.

Equestria Gaming also compiles updated listings of:

  • pony mods and models for mainstream games (Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, etc.), 
  • pony servers of more games (Garry's Mod, Terraria, etc.), and
  • pony guilds for MMOs and the like (WoW, City of Heroes/Villains, etc.).

So, take a peek at Equestria Gaming and follow their blog to stay up to date with what's what with pony gaming!

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