Friday, February 3, 2012

Humble Brony Bundle Breaks $20,000 Raised

 I've finally had a chance to settle down and send in the next contribution to the Humble Indie bundle, update the blog, and crunch some numbers. It seems we've hit a climactic achievement...

Between $1250 on the Humble Introversion Bundle, $16,005 on the Humble Indie Bundle #4, $1700 on the Humble Bundle for Android, and just under $1,100 saved up for the next bundle, the Humble Brony Bundle has raised over $20,000 in total!! That's over $6,000 contributed to Child's Play ALONE, let alone the American Red Cross and EFF!

There are a lot of people to be thanked for all this. Sethisto and the Equestria Daily staff for helping to spread the word so far and wide, all the artists that contributed to the Ponies at Play contest, Notch for his friendly rivalry, kits for making his vectors into a banner within minutes without even asking for a thank you, the Bronyville Podcast guys for recently having myself and Bronies for Good on together... I'm already forgetting people to thank!

But the most important folks in all of this were YOU, every last one of you who donated even just a dollar, or told just one friend. Seeing all the little nooks and crannies of the Internet the HBB has reached is very gratifying, and is all thanks to you just taking a few moments to mention the Bundle on your local haunts. And each and every donation is vital to make the HBB a success.

So... thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


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  2. What do you mean, "$1,100 saved up for the next bundle"? Why do you stop at $1,700 for the Humble Bundle for Android? I understand that you want to hold back some money for the next Bundle, so we can start with a big donation the day it goes online, but seeing a steadily rising "top donation" might make more people donate to the Bundle itself or the Humble Brony Bundle.
    Or do you want to get some friendly rivalry going with the guy who donated $1660?

    Oh, also, you should probably update "Questions and Answers" now that the donation to the HIB4 is final.

    1. Every few Humble Indie Bundles there's "the big one," like Humble Indie Bundle 4 at the end of 2011. That's when we will unleash all saved up funds at once. In the meantime the HBB will just try to stay at number one and encourage friendly competition with others to raise more money for the Humble Indie Bundle in the process while saving up for the big ones.

  3. c-quel here, just did my part good sir. :)


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