Saturday, June 2, 2012

Notch Wins!

Well, the sad day has finally arrived. Notch has out-generoused us. The Humble Brony Bundle is down to $2 in the gas tank and... well...

 At least he's not making me watch Care Bears. I don't know if I could stand being a Belly Bro.


  1. It's not over yet!

    Also, after clicking "return to merchant" after donating, I get
    Service Unavailable
    Error 503

  2. Still way too early to give up now. Just did my part. ;)

  3. I think he should make you do something Minecraft related.

    Let's Play?

    (Man, I'm always talking about let's plays. What is up with me?!)

  4. No reason to give up yet! Still 12 days remaining! Tell EqD something like "Notch is at it again!" and I'm sure you'll get tons of donations. You remember how much you got last time when you announced you're going against Notch? Be sure to include that Tweet cap too.

  5. but now, it's you the winner :) .. well done

  6. I guess the guy really doesn't want to watch MLP... Welp. His loss *shrugs*


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